Jul 04,2024
New product information(L-505Z) is available here
Mar 08,2024
New product information(LTA-710) is available here
Mar 08,2024
New product information(NT-07) is available here
Nov 14,2023
New product information(C-10X) is available here
Aug 25,2023
New product information(L-509Z) is available here
May 10,2023
LUXMAN will be exhibiting at HIGH END MUNICH 2023, Atrium 4.2 Room F229
Feb 15,2023
New product information(D-07X) is available here
Dec 01,2022
New product information(PD-151 MARK II) is available here
Jun 03,2021
New product information(L-595ASE) is available here
Jun 03,2021
New product information(LMC-5) is available here
Jul 09,2020
New product information(D-10X) is available here
Feb 27,2020
New product information(D-03X) is available here
Jan 14,2020
New product information(CL-1000) is available here
May 17,2019
New product information(SQ-N150,D-N150) is available here
Feb 21,2019
New product information(PD-151) is available here
Dec 10,2018
New product information(JPC-15000,JPR-15000,JPS-15000) is available here
Apr 17,2018
New product launch: Vacuum tube separate amp Custom series CL-38uC & MQ-88uC
Apr 11,2018
Apr 10,2018
LUXMAN's AB class flagship integrated amp L-509X received five stars on WHAT-HIFI.
Feb 01,2018
C/M-900u received an outstanding product award by hi-fi news.
Jan 19,2018
New product information(L-509X) is available here
Nov 10,2017
New product information(L-505uXⅡ,L-507uXⅡ) is available here
Sep 01,2017
New product information(P-750u) is available here
Jun 02,2017
The latest version of "LUXMAN Audio player is now available."


D-03X review from HIGH&STYLE MAGAZINE, CZECH "+Points : accuracy, spatiality, detail, dynamics and th... Read more

2021-03-15 00:26:55

MQA disc is included to play on your D-03X or D-10X

2021-01-13 03:11:01

Diapason golden award for CL-38uC and MQ-88uC

2021-01-08 00:58:36

"We love the company’s obsessive way with fit and finish. This product really is a joy to behold. E... Read more

2020-10-19 06:25:16

Here is our second YouTube video about D-03X with English subtitles. Enjoy!

2020-09-30 05:06:30

Due to COVID-19, almost every big show got cancelled and we don't have the opportunity to introduce o... Read more

2020-09-11 03:48:24

D-10X video review from TOO LOUD in Croatia.

2020-08-25 01:58:08

Our years of ODNF amplifier development have resulted in ODNF-u – Only Distortion Negative Feedback... Read more

2020-07-30 02:49:08

Bringing an evolved and expressive Class A sound to the peak of integrated amplifier. Grazie AUDIO RE... Read more

2020-07-17 03:00:07

Accuracy, sensitivity, musicality

2020-07-16 02:22:00