Neo Classico Series


With the launch of the Luxman D-100r digital iDocking entering the new world of listening enjoyment becomes a reality by combining the incredible storage capacity and playback flexibility of an iPod ® with the sonic beauty of your Luxman SQ-N10 vaccum tube integrated amplifier.

Tailored for the NeoClassico Series, the D-100r is designed with the capability to cater for both iPod digital and audiophile performance. Unlike other commercially available iDockings a high quality D/A converter is built in to offer superior sound quality. Meanwhile, RCA connectors on the back plate allow it to work with any other pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers with unbalanced RCA input terminals.

Item Value
Output Terminals 1 x dock link socket, 2 x RCA sockets (Gold plated)
Output Level 2.0V RMS
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20 kHz (±0.2dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.07%
Signal-to-noise Ratio 92dB
L/R Channel Difference 0.1dB
Channel Separation 92dB
Noise Level 90dBV
DC Offset 1.5mV